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Radical RC VERTI-GO 3D - Product Image
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Radical RC VERTI-GO 3D

The Verti-Go 3D, developed by Jason Noll and Bill Cline of Giant Scale Fame. You've never had a better Harrier micro ship in your hands. Vertical is easy here! Required (not included) 3 or 4 servos (any of the micro servos) Receiver & ESC (suggest Berg RX with Castle Thunderbird 18 ESC). We're running the BD301 5.33:1 and 3 cell 1200HD Lipos. Kit motor system and electronics have been refined by Radical RC for the ultimate flying experience.


Wing Span: 26",
Wing Area: 275 in. sq.
Weight 12-12.5 oz,
Length: 28.5"

Static thrust on recommended BD301 around 16 oz at a pitch speed of 31mph.

BIG NEWS! VERTIGO WINS!2003 Mid America award for "Best Mini Electric". We thank all those who voted for the Verti-Go!

BIG NEWS! VERTIGO WINS!Verti-go 3D wins "Best Flight" at the 2003 JR Indoor Festival Columbus Ohio.

The brushless choices below work well in the Verti-Go 3D, but are not required to have a very cool bird. The Astro setup is a special turn-count and gear ratio made just for Radical RC to optimize the 9-4.7 prop on 3 Li-Poly cells.

Complete Combo packages are available below.

Radio Combo Package includes
R4P RX, 4 Servos (Pico or PS-20 or HE 2003/490),
Y harness,
1 Li-Poly 3 cell 1200,
Black Diamond 301 5.33:1

If you select a receiver (RX), tell us which channel you need at checkout.

Read E Zone review of this kit.


Price: $59.00 
Motor Option  
Radio Package!  
Micro Receiver  
Micro Servos  
If buying radio combo package above, enter channel desired below.:


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