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Radical RC Wicked Wing - Product Image
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Radical RC Wicked Wing

Bram Stoker warns keep garlic close at hand!

Possibly the worlds smallest servo driven flying wing ever! I wanted something different from the herd of swept wing pushers you seem to see everywhere. Being In a bit of a Gothic mood at the time, the Wicked Wing was born. This little beast really moves out on a simple 50XC brushed motor. Of course you could fly it with any 12mm brushless motor of your choice and even many of the micro outrunners.
It needs about 14 watts to fly with authority.
Brushless is not necessary but listed below for those wanting a poisonous Wicked Wing.
2 Small servos under 6 grams, an ESC (min 2 amps for the 50XC brushed motor) and a very small RX. We like the Berg 4L for this project the best. This model can be very fast, it's not a good first or second airplane choice. If you're flying well and want something to challenge your skills and wow your friends then this it. remember, at 50mph it covers 77 feet in 1 second! Judicious throttle control is a definite a requirement. This model goes together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. You will have it framed up and ready for finish in about 1 hour. Fly weight is about 3oz, Span is about 11". About the size of the top wing on a Micro Bipe!

If you select a receiver (RX), tell us which channel you need at checkout.
"I ordered your wicked wing kit a few months ago and just now finished it and flew it for the first time and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.
It is a very nice kit and fun to assemble (like a 3D Puzzle). Flying this little thing is challenging but fun. I am surprised of the durability, I have flown it in the ground with about 1ft tall grass several times, several unexpected touch and goes and my cartwheel landings look worse than the crashes.
However, the plane looks as good as new and I am still using the original prop. Just wanted to give some positive feedback.
Thanks, Marlan L. Kingsley"

* asterisk Items are my first and best picks to complete this Kit.

Price: $36.00 
Motor System  
ESC Speed Control  
Prop Reamer  
Extra Props  
Lipo Battery Packs  
Motor Mount  
Micro Receiver  
Micro Servo  

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