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Sig Kadet Seniorita

This compact version of the KADET SENIORITA is designed for modelers who have a small car or apartment-size workshop. The SENIORITA features the same forgiving flight characteristics of the larger SENIOR, but in a smaller package.

Both the KADET SENIOR and KADET SENIORITA are also popular with experienced fliers who are tired of the nerve racking panic that can accompany a faster model. The KADET SENIORITA flies so slowly and gently that just about anyone can handle it on their very first try! If the student pilot gets confused, merely let go of the control sticks and the KADET SENIORITA will recover itself and return back to level flight.

Wingspan: 63 in 1600 mm
Wing Area: 746 sq in / 48 sq dm
Weight: 3.75 lbs / 1700 g
Length: 50 in / 1270 mm
Radio Req.: 3 Channels with 4 Servos
Engine Req. .15-.25 cu-in / (2.5 - 4.0 cu-cm) 2-Stroke Glow / .21-.35 cu-in (3.4 - 5.7 cu-cm) 4-Stroke Glow Electric 240 to 400 watts.

Setup and Performance Chart

Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts InRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHClimb FPM/DegreesEst. Top Speed
Himax 3522-0990311x7414618,52043561645/46d46
Himax 3522-0700411x5.524.73719,24059461350/4044
Himax 3516-1130310 x 532.836910,21036481268/3741
Himax 3516-113039 x 62831511,56034601034/3140

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 3200mah used as trial cell in calculations. 2200-4200mah packs presumed to be used. Presumed model weight of 80oz. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.


SKU Number: SIGRC60
Price: $107.99 

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