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Slow Stick 5mm T Tail Mount - Product Image
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Slow Stick 5mm T Tail Mount

Finally it's easy to convert to a T tail. Complete with washer plates. Glue to your stab and horizontal or use 4-40 nylon bolt/nuts in the pre drilled holes. May also be used for mounting verticals to the ends of your stab. Works with any 5mm foam. If using with stock Slow Stick parts, trim the top of the vertical down until you have a flat spot long enough for this mount. Comes complete with washer plates to prevent bolt damage to surfaces.

Slow stick parts come in both 4 and 5 mm. 4mm is .157" or pretty close to 5/32". 5mm is a little over 3/16" at .197". Measure your parts before ordering. One images shows part being used to mount a fin to the center of the wing on our Twin Tractor Canard model in the shop.

Price: $3.50 

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