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Slow Stick Axle Gear Mount - Product Image
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Slow Stick Axle Gear Mount

We use this part when we want to put the axle directly over or under the boom (May be flipped up or down to get high or low axle). Used in our offset boom FPV prototype. Now available to you for whatever you'd like. Setup for 3/32 wire (Part # KS506), can be drilled larger. For larger spreads, larger wire is a must. In photo we drilled axle holes out to 1/8". We used 11" long axle wire (music wire) and 3" Maxx Products (MPIEPW300) wheels in the photo. Use wheel collar to lock axle in place in gear mount.

Although it is possible for the axle to turn in the mount, it is intended to be snug fit and the wheels to turn on the axle. Glued together with thin CA. The photo's unit was built and painted black with a permanent marker for that "I'm too poor to make this in real carbon" look. This item is the laser cut wood kit to make the Axle Gear Mounting block as shown. Axle (made from music wire KS506), wheel collars (Part # DUB138) and wheels are shown in photo in order to illustrate product use but are not included.

Use this part in conjunction with pusher mount, nose gear block, battery tray(s) to make a 3 wheel air car! I think this might be my next project. ;-)


Price: $4.00 

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