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Slow Stick Balsa Tail Group - Product Image
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Slow Stick Balsa Tail Group

Tired of your Slow Stick tail bending, flapping in the wind at your higher than normal speed? Wishing for more rigid control? Here is your ultimate tail upgrade!! This tail will not flutter and is many times more rugged than the stock tail. If your worried about tail loads lifting heavy weights, flying fast or just plain love the idea of Slow Sticks but hate foam, welcome to heaven.

A fully self jigging stick built tail. You can press this together and shake it up in the air hard as you like, nothing is falling apart. I'm tempted to cover one without glue for experimental (show off ;-) purposes. However, I do recommend you glue it together. Simply piece the jigsaw together, hold to flat surface and wick thin CA into all the joints, bevel the elevator and rudder 45 degrees for tape hinges (or 90 degree points for CA hinges), round out the edges, surface sand, cover, mount, hook up control rods and fly.

Kit comes as complete package with our custom upgrade horn set and vertical stab mount system. ($6 upgrades value) and instructional drawing. Parts are exact stock shape (except no hard to cover scallops) and hinge lines. Laser cut from 3/16 balsa right here in the good ol' USA. Mounting holes and control horn holes are all pre-made. Your tail will go on straight and true. Additionally, the stab mount has provisions for moving the stab forward from stock location in order to give you more elevator throw if your building an aerobatic monster. Fully compatible with Stevens Aero or Millennium upgrade kits.

Don't forget to get some transparent covering for this kit, she is a real beauty when complete.


Price: $19.00 

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