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Slow Stick Battery Tray Mount Kit, Standard Length - Product Image
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Slow Stick Battery Tray Mount Kit, Standard Length

The stock battery mount for the slow stick is a little finicky to use. We believe it was made originally for 350 NiCads. Our mount fixes several issues. First, it has plenty of surface area if you like to use mounting Velcro. It is slotted and includes Velcro tie straps. It will retain these tie straps when the battery is not in place so no worries about them getting lost. Second, there are multiple places to easily hook on rubber bands. Any way you like to mount your battery is accommodated well with this mount.

Our standard size mount will hold most any pack around 1350mah or less in capacity in the normal short profile. Any pack 3.5" long (88mm) or less fits nicely.

Mount stands off slightly from the fuse boom so it may be positioned to overlap our wing mounts, main gear mounts even the motor mount if you like a forward location better. We have used this mount to suspend the battery above the boom also. It could also be used for "side" mounting if you need to balance against a camera or other onboard device that is off center.

Price: $6.00 

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