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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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Slow Stick Bipe Wing Strut Bushings - Product Image
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Slow Stick Bipe Wing Strut Bushings

This bushing set allows you to build the hard points for mounting simple shaft type struts into your Slow Stick Biplane conversion wing panels. Made from 1/64" thick aircraft ply. Rods are not included. You can use carbon, fiberglass, aluminum or brass tubing as we did. I think lightly stained 1/8" wood dowel would look very trick as well; anything about 1/8" diameter. I choose the more antique look of the brass on my biplane. I wonder if my more period correct SS Biplane would qualify for Top Gun now?

Installing these hard points still allows you to use the wing panels on other monoplanes. The strut shafts are passed through the hard point with a section of glow fuel line pressed on the shaft and slid up against the hard point on both top and bottom.

Locate where you like, we put ours on the high point of the airfoil (about 2 3/4" back from leading edge) and in the middle of the second section of sagging cloth (what the wing shape simulates) as counted in from the wing tip. Mark these spots carefully, glue the teardrop shaped piece on top of each wing panel. Now, mount your wings on your airframe. We cut our rods to 10 1/2" as this seems to leave the right amount sticking through. By hand carefully cut or drill your 1/8" pass through hole for the rod. Now, slip two 1/4" long sections of fuel line about 1.5" onto each end of a strut shaft. Place a 1/4" ply washer on each shaft end followed by the oval washer. Now install the rod between the wing panels. Slide the oval washer up to the bottom of each wing (orient it span-wise) and glue in place. When this has set, glue the 1/4" washer in place over the oval washer. Glue in place the 1/4" washer on the top surface (on the teardrop). The rods are now held in place with two more sections of fuel line on the tip. Using the rods as a jig to align the strut bushings (hard-points) is a real help. As you can see the rods go through the wing at an angle because of dihedral.

Price: $3.00 

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