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Slow Stick Offset Boom Mounts - Product Image
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Slow Stick Offset Boom Mounts

Use to offset a second boom from your main boom. Imgaine a Schiender cup racer but rather than a float centered under the fuse, we're adding a second boom. Original intention is to locate a second boom below your main boom to hold landing gear, battery and camera mount for FPV experimenters. In this way (with other parts available separately) Can be used to configure Slow Stick for single tractor motor with camera position in front of prop if you like.

Other uses are possible, perhaps you want to put a boom up above your wing to hold motor or camera above prop. Use your imagination with this special kit.

On model in photo parts are colored black with permanent marker. Made from laser cut 3/32 Aircraft Plywood. This kit offsets second boom with 4 3/8" gap.


Price: $6.00 

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