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Slow Stick Tail Wheel Mounting Block Kit - Product Image
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Slow Stick Tail Wheel Mounting Block Kit

The stock factory tail wheel setup on a slow stick is weak. Use this light weight mounting block to build a steerable tail wheel mount. Bend your wire gear out of .055 music wire (Part # KS503) and your all set. Notice in the photo how simply we connected ours to the rudder pushrod. What? No glow line in the field box? We've got that material also. Combine with a .063 (1/16") wheel collar (Part # DUB137)to lock the wire in place (works like our nose gear retainer) and your all set.

Notice the bending pattern (non critical) that we are setting it up so the elevator is 1.5-2" off the ground. The idea is to leave a little range for shock absorbsion so you don't strip a servo gear if you smack the tail. It's not only about having stearing. ;-)


Price: $3.00 

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