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Slow Stick Twin Adjustable FAN Mount Kit - Product Image
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Slow Stick Twin Adjustable FAN Mount Kit

Ever want to try a Slow Stick ducted fan conversion? Here it is. Uses off the shelf GWS EDF 64mm fans brushed or converted to brushless if you like. Now, don't tell us that Eindeckers never had jet power plants, we recently obtained archived 13th generation photo copies that seemed to show plans for just such a craft. Who's to say if they ever completed it or not? We built our model with the EDF-64H GWS brushed fans and let me tell you, this model really performs. I first flew it in about 12mph winds and with the throttle stick a little below 1/2 I was hanging it in the wind about 20' over my head and it was still creeping higher! Throttle range is excellent, plenty of power to blast out of trouble and reasonable speed for a slow stick. Now, this is not intended to be a fast fan model but then those are available around every corner. This setup will climb with authority (45 degrees or better), has good flight time, is aerobatic and certainly will turn heads at the local flying field. Before they see it fly, they'll be saying "How can that possibly work?", after flying they'll be asking "Where can I get those parts! It's amazing!"

Each kit comes with 2 mounts and high quality fasteners.

Check drop downs for motor and ESC combo specials to go with this item.

Combo A-Brushed = 2 each EDF-64H Fans complete, GWS 600LI ESC, 2 JWT female pigtails. This set will provide good performance for a low cost twin fan system. Model should finish about 24oz, you'll have about 14oz static thrust combined, not a bad ratio for WW1 low and slow jet fly-by's!

All COMBO choices require soldering your harness together with parts provided. Your 3S generally 1500-2100 size pack is required. Deans or Anderson Power Poles are suggested between ESC(s) and battery. Solder to one input plug.

NEW ITEM, should be in stock and shipping by 02/11/09.

Price: $18.00 
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