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Slow Stick Twin Prop Adjustable Motor Mount Kit - Product Image
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Slow Stick Twin Prop Adjustable Motor Mount Kit

At last, an easy and low cost high performance Slow Stick Twin. Gone are the days of strapping a heavy boom to the bottom of the wing with the resulting up thrust and poor handling. You can have a twin and have it fly correctly! With the Radical RC twin conversion kit you can make any Slow Stick into a twin. You can even make it into a 4 engine WWI Faux Bomber if you wish (with 2 kits). Our kit does not alter your wing in any way, attaches with simple rubber bands so you can always alter or return to a prior configuration if you like. Optionally; cut the tail off this mount and glue them into your wing for a permanent band free installation if desired.

Each kit comes with 2 mounts and high quality socket head fasteners.

For those wanting to configure a forward looking still or movie camera setup without prop interference, you've just gained an excellent option.

Check drop downs for motor and ESC combo specials to go with this item.

Combo A-Brushed = 2 each 370-B gearbox's and motors, GWS 480 ESC, 2 JWT female pigtails & 1 set of GWS 8-4 x3 Blade Counter Rotating props. This set will provide excellent performance with straight up climb yet speed controlled just right for the Slow Stick. Wide open throttle time should be limited to 30 seconds, current will be about 10 amps per motor at WOT, max continuous is 8 amps. Who would have ever thought you could setup a high performance twin so inexpensively! Don't assume brushed setups can't be high perfromance, this system will really rock! The Price is OUTSTANDING!!

COMBO-B-Brushless = 2 each GWS 002 Outrunner, 2 GWS 28mm outrunner mounts, 2 Brushless ESC's, 2 sets 3.5mm bullets & 1 set of GWS 8-4 x3 Blade Counter Rotating props. Although bullet-like connectors come with the GWS motor, anybody with an ounce of sense changes them to real gold bullets. This setup performs nearly identical to the brushed above for a few amps lower draw.

All COMBO choices require soldering your harness together with parts provided. Your 3S generally 1000-2100 size pack is required. For Brushed setup, be sure to use Deans or Anderson Power Poles between ESC and battery. For brushless twin with single pack, solder both ESC's to one input plug.


Price: $18.00 
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