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Slow Stick V-Tail Mounting Kit - Product Image
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Slow Stick V-Tail Mounting Kit

120 degree V-Tail Mounting Kit.
Precision, laser cut quick build kit. She'll fly like an Angle but won't look like everybody else's hound after making this mod. The V tail is made from just one stock Horizontal stabilizer cut in 1/2. A slight V notch needs to be crafted in the elevator portion as shown in the photo. Comes with nice light weight nylon hardware. You'll need a radio with "Elevon" mixing (or open mixes available) to get both controls on the right stick (mode 2 for us Yankees). If your radio lacks this feature it is available on our site as a carry onboard electronic device.

Of course, you'll want a real tail wheel mount or go tricycle gear like I did. These parts go nicely with the V tail mount and are available in this category.


Price: $7.50 

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