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Small Solder Tabs

Small Solder Tabs

You'll be amazed how easily these tabs take solder. These fit "A" Diameter cells like 600AE, RRC1000, 1400AE, 1700AU, NiMH 2150-2700-4000 etc... Also fits any AA size cell and can be use for AAA size cells by cutting a bit shorter. Great for building or repairing your own electric flight packs (S-480 and smaller) or any RX or TX pack project. Examples shown, top of picture is AA cells, middle is 1700AUP and bottom is 600AE.

Length: .750"
Width: .187"
Thickness .005"
Approximate Maximum Current Capacity: 8-10Amps 

Hint: Always use at least a 40 watt pencil iron (larger the tip the better) to solder cells. Never use a gun, even a 150 watt gun is too weak and slow due to low tip mass is easily cooled by the mass of a cell. 10 tabs each package.

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