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Stinger Tri-Copter Yaw Motor Mount Kit - Product Image
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Stinger Tri-Copter Yaw Motor Mount Kit

Same parts as in our Stinger Tricopter kit. If you're building a custom Tri with 10mm square arms you can utilize the Radical RC parts of your choosing. Builds into one tiltable motor mount and servo holder that fits up to HS-81 size servos. Design intended for double ended ball link between servo arm and yaw motor mount. Pivot shaft and retainers included. Designed for bent wire or post landing gear options as used in our Stinger kits. No landing gear wire or ball links provided. Suggested ball link kit and threaded rod for 2-56 setup is DUB378 & DUB2135. For 2mm Setup use DUB693 & DUB2133.
Price: $8.00 

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