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Tim McDonough's Laser Cut Motor Mount Firewalls - Product Image
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Tim McDonough's Laser Cut Motor Mount Firewalls

Tim McDonough's laser cut motor mounts for Speed 300, 400, 500, and 600 size motors. Precision laser cut from 1/16 plywood and provide a solid, easy to use firewall motor mount that provides unrestricted airflow through the front of the motor. These mounts come three (3) to a package and include metric mounting screws for the Graupner, Robbe, or similar Mabuchi ferrite motors. Any size just $5.00/Package. Available in both round and square motor mounts. Please specify configuration and size below.

Max Measurments: 300 Round: 1.189", 300 Square 1.210", 400 Round 1.189, 400 Square 1.500', 600 Round 1.600", 600 Square, 600 Square 2".

Price: $5.00 

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