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Ultra-Cure(TM) Tire Glue

Ultra-Cure(TM) Tire Glue

Ultra-Cure(TM) is a very high performance clear cyanoacrylate that has a viscosity (thickness) in-between that of Insta-Cure Super Thin and Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Medium. It is ideal for the mounting of rubber tires onto R/C car wheels. It is available in our 3/4 oz Pocket CA bottle and comes with one of our new #304 Extender Tips for the Pocket CA pin-in-cap top. ULTRA-CURE(TM) can be used in many other applications that require a slightly thicker thin CA and will bond virtually everything. It is not foam-safe, however.


R/C rubber tires



Unscrew top from nozzle. For finer applications, use the extender tip. Carefully lift the sidewall of the tire after it is mounted to the wheel to expose the area to be bonded. Apply a drop of Ultra-Cure(TM)CA Tire Glue into the gap, then slowly return the tire to its seated position. Continue this process around the circumference of the tire. Repeat these steps for the other side. Wipe the nozzle clean before replacing screw-on top. Refrigerate to extend shelf life when not in use. Ultra-Cure(TM)is also superior for bonding most other materials. Soak extender tip in acetone for cleaning.



BSI-130: 3/4 oz (20.3 g)

BSI-129: 1 oz (28.4 g)





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