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Universal Balance Adapter Board - Product Image
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Universal Balance Adapter Board

Allows you to plug in any of the common balance connector types JST;XH, EH, TP, HP, PQ, and Tamiya Life. Plugs are grouped by cell count, one each for each connector and each cell count 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6S. The 4S group can be seen in the near section of the photo.

This balance adapter board can be plugged into almost any charger having a 6S XH output plug or any other plug/open pins (such as Hitec chargers) having a 7 pin port for a balance board. Typical chargers requiring a balance board have a standard 7 pin output with .100" spacing. This board could be used with EVERY such charger we sell. Although not shown in photo, the harness to go from this board to the charger balance input is included.

Unit will not plug into Triton, FMA or Thunder Power chargers which all use a different pin spacing or different number of pins.
SKU Number: HRC44178

Price: $15.00 

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