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Waco YMF-5 Kit by Dumas - Product Image
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Waco YMF-5 Kit by Dumas

Designed by Dumas specifically for small economical electric power systems. up to 2 ounce motor weight is acceptable. Keep in mind this is a very light weight, almost rubber like construction. Because of the very low wing loading, the Waco YMF-5 would be a perfect model for evening flying and large indoor venues. Although ailerons could be built into this model, instructions and dihedral are directed towards 3 channel flying.

Wingspan 35 in. 889mm
Wing Area 329 sq. in. 21.23
Length 25in. 635mm
Weight: 8-12 oz. 227-284g
Wing Loading @ 10oz (284g): 4.38 oz. sq. ft. 13.38g
Radio Required 3 channel suggested with 6g servos.
Battery: 2-3S 400-900 size pack
Power Required 25-60 watts
Setup and Performance Chart With HiMaxx Motors, Castle ESC and Radical RC Battery
Motor# CellsPropAmpsWattsRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHFPM Climb @ DegreeMax Climb Angle Est Top Speed
Himax 2805-143027x56.6508,130940764@333327
Himax 2805-143028x47.8597,6601129977@444427
Himax 2805-143037x3.810.311611,93018431608@609036
Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. MFG model specifications used in calculations. High Quality 2100mah used as trial cell in calculations. Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of ESC, weather and many other variables.

SKU Number: DUMA1807
Price: $62.50 

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