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evoJet Orbit LiPo Checker 5s 4.2V

The evoJet Orbit LiPo-checker is a precision voltage supervisory unit (balancer)for rechargeable lithium battery cells (Lipo). It is simply connected or plugged to paralleled lithium cells. An ultra-bright LED digitizes the voltage curve of the cell(s) into: voltage is constant = (LED-OFF), voltage rise (LED-FLASHES) and overvoltage (LED-ON). An controlled current sink discharges the cells to an allowed level. This can balance the lithium cells in a pack to equal voltages. An alarm output is activated if the max or min voltage is reached anyway.


* Operating current: 10uA, max. 550 mA * Connection: BEC(Tanic) connectors * Operating voltage: +2,1V to +4,5V * Thresholds: < 2,7V, > 4,20V, >=4,23V * Dimensions: 50 x 5 x 105 mm * Package includes: 5s Orbit LiPo-checker with connection cable and plugs

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SKU Number: EVO0605

Price: $45.00 

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