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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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evoJet Orbit M-Saver Flash

evoJet Orbit M-Saver Flash

Onboard optical voltage monitor for 4 or 5 cell receiver batteries. Orbit M-Saverplus: A LED flashes green, yellow, or red depending on the battery voltage. Orbit M-Saverflash: A very bright red LED flashes once, twice, or three times per interval, depending on the voltage. If red light or the triple flash is displayed when the battery is under load, the model should not be flown. Any under voltage that occurs once during a flight is later reported to the user as alternating between red flashing (plus) or triple flash (flash) and the signal indicating the current battery voltage. Connect to unused servo output on receiver. Factory setting: Coding jumper open for 4 cells. Solder closed jumper for 5 cell monitoring. Mounting holes are in each end of the monitor.

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