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evoJet Orbit M-Saver Plus

The Orbit M-SAVERplus is an optical voltage monitor that informs you about the state of your receiver battery at any time. It is simply plugged into an unused servo output of the receiver. An LED flashes green, yellow, or red, depending on the battery voltage. If the LED shows the red signal while the battery is under load, the model should not be started any more. A programing voltage allows the Orbit M-SAVERplus to be setup for 4-cell, 5-cell as well as 6-cell (=2s Li) receiver batteries.

Operating current: 4 mA
Connection: JR / Uni (25 cm) with gold contacts
Operation: Battery voltage check by moving rudder several times
Weight: 4 g (with cable)
Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 30 mm (46 mm with LED)
Package includes: Orbit M-SAVERplus with connection cable and data sheet

SKU Number: EVO0775

Price: $21.00 

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