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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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FDK 4000mah 4/3AU 5 cell 6V NIMH RX Pack

FDK 4000mah 4/3AU 5 cell 6V NIMH RX Pack

Weight 9.7 oz. FDK (Sanyo) HR-4/3AU 4000 NIMH. Slightly longer than 1400 A Nicad, same diameter. Stump pulling power! 1.875 oz heavier than 1800 sub C with over double the capacity. Do you have a project requiring the ultimate capacity? Here it is! Double lead and heavier wire lead options available. Very popular for Heli's over 60 size, 40% and up dual packs etc.
Dimension: 3-1/4" Long x 2-11/16" Wide x 1-1/8" Thick

Individual Cell Internal Impedance 20.0Ω

Limited supply left, next shipment August 2024. 

SKU Number: RRC05H4000F
Price: $45.00 
1st Output 
2nd Output 



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