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Fox Lite SnotLiner

Fox Lite SnotLiner

"Flies like a little Hotliner but it'S NOT"

The Snotliner was originally designed for an indoor race that required a GWS IPS A drive. The kit has parts for several power options, the favorite being a 12mm direct drive brushless motor. A brushed IPS motor with a GWS 3x3 prop supplies plenty of power. Brushless 12mm Medusa & 2S-340 lipos will supply out of sight vertical. It will handle up to a 25mm motor for pilots with a need to go way too fast!

The kit is designed using CAD-technology and the parts are Laser cut for a perfect fit. It is a self jigging design using balsa and plywood which makes it both easy to build and repair. Most parts are interlocking like a jigsaw puzzle.

This model is recommended to the average builder/pilot with moderate experience from a couple of models before. Simple construction produces a light but rugged speedster. Model flies well at low speeds and will fit well into larger indoor environments like golf domes although it was designed primarily as a racer.

Motor choices below are GWS 50XC brushed, use 2S lipo and 3-3 or 4x2.5 prop. If you choose the Medusa 5300kv version then use it 2S Lipo with a 3-2 prop only.

Span: 22 inches
Weight: 3.5-5.5 ounces
Motor: 12mm direct drive or small brushless "outrunner".
Battery: 2S x 340-800mAh LiPo
R/C: Aileron, Elevator,Throttle
Note, Fox Lite 12mm motor mount included!

Select options below:

Price: $38.00 
Motor System 
Motor Connectors 
Lipo Battery Packs 
Pack Connector 
ESC Speed Control 
ESC Connectors 
Prop reamer 



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