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PARBOND 5 Minute 4 Ounce Epoxy

High Quality 5 Minute Epoxy. Use epoxy where a strong non-brittle bond is required. Firewalls, landing gear blocks, wing hold down bolt blocks, fuel proofing and on sensitive materials like foam. 5 minute epoxy is best for quick repairs and new model construction where lots of working time is not required.

Hint! If you mix your epoxy on a flexible surface, like a paper plate you can go back to the mixture a week later and flex it. If it cracks easily then your not getting the portions mixed properly or failing to mix them enough. A good epoxy joint is very strong yet somewhat flexible. If the puddle of glue cracks it means it is hard like glass and not giving you the best qualities of the glue. Using a paper plate flex test is a good way to follow your own progress and improve your glue mixing skills.

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