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evoJet Orbit 6.5X PRO Firmware Update EPROM - Product Image
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evoJet Orbit 6.5X PRO Firmware Update EPROM

Updated EPROM Firmware for evoJet Orbit Microlader. Microlader 6.5X (replacement for 6.1/6.11 & 6.2/6.21/6.3x/6.4x/6.50/6.51/ only, displayed at power on.) Modifications:
This new chip adds adjustable lithium voltage level making it adaptable to the A123 Lithium cells. The Microlader update 6.5 features adjustable charging voltage CV for the Lithium-mode and supports close loop charging with the LiPo-Checker [0605]. The Microlader PC-interface and a special adapter [0632] is needed for this function.

Microlader 6.1-6.4: => update by new chip 6.5
Microlader PRO 6.1-6.4: => update by new chip PRO6.5
Microlader RACE 61/62: => update by new chip, but RACE 63 only!

Once again smart evoJet Orbit owners get to update their chargers to the latest cell technology. It's cheaper in the long run to own the best! Don't be a tightwad on your next charger, get an evoJet Orbit and in the end you'll spend less than all the rest. Some of my customers are on their 5th upgrade now. Every upgrade is a time they didn't have to buy a new charger to keep pace with technology. Hmmm, lets see, that amortizes their charger down to cost around $60. Proven again; It's cheaper to buy the best if you plan on being alive for a few years. ;-)

Installation: Remove top of charger. Note notch on chip is oriented towards front (operator side) of charger. Carefully extract old chip. Being careful not to touch pins of new chip, press into socket with notch towards front of charger. Work into slot evenly. Replace cover. Power up charger. Installing the chip backwards damages charger requiring return to Germany for repair.

evoJet Orbit 6.0 owners: Early 6.0 chargers have a processor in them that was discontinued, late 6.0 chargers are the same as modern Orbit units. If you can toggle the language between English and German in setup then your charger is a later charger and can be chip updated. We suggest you send the unit in for calibration and update at this age. Early 6.0 chargers and Pre-6.0 chargers may be updated with a new board or receive a one time only update by round trip to Germany.



SKU Number: EVO0600EPROM6.5X
Price: $26.00 
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