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Fundamental concepts; if they are taught in school, they obviously are not being learned. All of our problems are decades old if not centuries. The answers have been out there forever. Our choices in America are the evidence no many are learning.

My name is Dave Thacker and I’m doing something about it.


Hear Wright Engine #20 Run

Fantastic video shared with us from the The Wright Experience”.

Described by YouTube’s “N104f” as follows:

On special occasions The Wright Experience starts this engine … the engine (Wright Bros No. 20) was built under the direct supervision of Mr. Charles E. Taylor. Mr. Taylor also built the 1903 engine which powered the world’s first heavier-than-air flight on December 17, 1903 to the Wright’s specifications. This 1910 engine was started on June 17, 2000 for the first time after being in storage for more than 80 years. At that time No. 20 was the only Wright artifact “doing work” and is considered a “National Treasure” by those associated with it.

Present at this start … October 30, 2007 … were ArthurF, SalG, AntonioQ, BobB and JimD. GregC, master “engine mechanician” was in charge of the operation. Ray, a long time, The Wright Experience, associate, can be seen looking on in the background. Those of us familiar with this engine and its importance to our aviation heritage are drawn to its sound like moths to a lamp. Note: Those present at a start up are asked to sign the engine’s log. This engine powered aeroplanes as they accomplished many of aviation’s firsts. It powered the flight when New York City was first filmed from the air and many other such activities too numerous to mention here. The large galvanized tank adjacent to the engine is there to provide water for engine cooling … the aircraft radiator is not used for demonstrations. Suspended above the engine is a small gas tank used for demonstrations. The “fan” or “club” replaces the propeller and is reproduced here exactly like the one used by Mr. Taylor and the Brothers.

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