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Battery charging should only be done under supervision. Lithiums should only be changed/discharged under supervision and in a fireproof container or setting.

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HitecX4 AC Pro AC/DC Four Port Multicharger - Product Image

HitecX4 AC Pro AC/DC Four Port Multicharger

Building on the popularity of our X4 AC Plus, we decided to take it up a notch with the introduction of our X4 AC Pro high-performance, microprocessor-controlled charger/discharger with extensive battery management capabilities. Capable of operating on 100 - 240 volts AC household current or from an 11 - 18 volts DC power source, this new multi-faceted powerhouse exudes a total charge circuit power of 200 watts with Power Distribution capability in AC mode and a 300-watt output when in DC mode. The X4 AC Pro allows you to connect up to four batteries of varying chemistries (NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV/Pb) to any of the charging channels with each channel performing independently of one another. Additional features include our "Charge Master" software, providing the unprecedented ability to operate your charger via your personal computer plus a built-in Bluetooth for Smartphone app operation. Experience the future of charging with Hitec!

Charging Specifications:
AC Input: 100 - 240 Volts AC
DC Input: 11 - 18 Volts DC
Total Charge Circuit Power on AC Power: 200 Watts with Power Distribution
AC Power Distribution
Channels A & C: 100 Watts Total
Channels B & C: 100 Watts Total
Power Distribution Adjustable Range
Channels A & B: 50 - 100 Watts
Channels C & D: 0 - 50 Watts
Total Charge Circuit Power on DC Power: 300 Watts Total Power
Channels A & B: 100 Watts each / Channels C & D 50 Watts each
Charge Current
Channels A & B: 0.1 - 10.0 Amps
Channels C & D: 0.1 - 5.0 Amps
Discharge Wattage: 10 Watts per Channel
Discharge Current: 0.1 - 2.0 Amps per Channel
Discharge Current for Lithium Battery Balance: 200 mAh
LiPo, LiHV, LiFe and LiIon Cell Count: 1 - 6 cells
NiMH / NiCd Cell Count: 1 - 15 cells
Pb / Lead Acid Voltage Range: 2 - 20 VDC
Battery Capacity Range: 100 - 50,000 mAh
Auxillary Output: 5 Volt 2.1 Amp DC USB Device Charge Port
Communication Methods
USB Port for PC Control & Firmware Upgrades
Bluetooth 4.0 for Smartphone Apps
Dimensions: 3.8 x 7.2 x 2.8 in / 97 x 182 x 71mm
Weight: 47 oz / 1335g

SKU Number: HRC44254
Price: $224.99 
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Hitec H4 Plus DC/DC Four-Port Smart Charger - Product Image

Hitec H4 Plus DC/DC Four-Port Smart Charger

This four-port charger features an elegant aluminum design and an easy-to-read graphic display. Four microprocessor controlled charging ports with integrated balancers make the Hitec H4 Plus perfect for ambitious operators of model aircraft, helis, cars, boats, and more. Multiple charge profiles are possible for charging more batteries or fewer at a higher amp rate. Charge lithium, NiCd, NiMH, or lead-acid batteries from the same charger with maximum safety. 

Product Description


  • Features Luxury High Performance 4-channel Smart Charger 
  • Full aluminum case 
  • 32bit high performance microprocessor controlled 
  • High quality 128x64 Back Light Graphic LCD 
  • High Power 150watt x 4channel 
  • Hitec Channel Bridge Function (Max Charge - 300watt) 
  • Lithium Chemistry Battery (Li-HV, Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-ion) 
  • NiMH , NiCd, Pb Battery capable 
  • Li-xx Storage Mode (Auto Detecting) 
  • Ni-xx Cycle Charge & Discharge (Up to 10-cycle) 
  • Built in Cell check Function (Voltage level & Capacity) 
  • Lithium Chemistry Battery Discard Function 
  • User name (12 character) 
  • Temp Sensor can be connected
  • Firmware can be Upgraded by HPP-22




  • Function: Charger, Discharger, Cycle Charger/Discharger (Ni-XX), Balancer (Li-XX), Battery 
  • Voltage Displays(Li-XX), Warning Signals, Safety Features 
  • Compatible Batteries: Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion, Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Pb, Li-HV 
  • Available Number of Cells: 1-6 Li-Po, Li-Fe, Li-Ion / 1-15 Ni-MH, Ni-CD / 1-12 Pb (2~24v), Li-HV (1-6) 
  • Input Voltage: DC 11~18V 
  • Charging Current: 4ch (MAX 8A) x 150watts , (MAX 16A) x 300watts(with Hitec Bridge Function) 
  • Discharging Current: 4ch (Max 2A) x 20watts , (MAX 4A) x 40watts(with Hitec Bridge Function) 
  • Balancer Connector Type: MPX, Thunder Power, Flight Power 
  • Maximum Permissible Current: 65A & 13V 
  • Charging Capacity: 600W 
  • Model Memory: 10 model memory per channel 
  • Size: 205mm x 163mm x 52mm Weight: 1200g


SKU Number: HRC44260
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Hitec Phantom X4 Smart Battery Charger for DJI 3/4 - Product Image

Hitec Phantom X4 Smart Battery Charger for DJI 3/4

The Phantom X4 Charger is a four-channel battery charger designed and built exclusively for DJI PhantomTM 3 and DJI PhantomTM 4 Smart Batteries. This charger is capable of charging, storing and deep cycling four DJITM smart batteries simultaneously. Two smart devices can be charged via USB ports and two remote controllers can be charged at the same time.
Chargers DJI Phantom(TM) 3/4 Smart Batteries
Quickly Charges Four Batteries Simultaneously
Charges 2 Remote Controllers
Charges 2 Tablet Devices (While batteries are charging)

This is the Hitec Phantom X4 Smart Battery Charger for the DJI PhantomTM 3 and DJI PhantomTM 4 Smart Batteries.


Designed exclusively to charge DJI Phantom 3/4 Smart batteries, Phantom 4 Smart batteries require adapter (not included, part #61116).
Charges, stores and deep cycles four DJI batteries simultaneously
Two smart devices can be charged via USB ports, and two remote controllers can be charged at the same time
One year limited warranty through Hitec beginning at date of purchase

Hitec Phantom X4 Smart Battery Charger
AC Power Cord
Micro B Type USB Charge Cable
Two Remote Controller Charging Cables
Instruction Manual

#61116 Adapter cable if wanting to charge Phntom 4 batteries

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Charge Power: 100Wx4
Charge Current: 6.0A
USB Output: 5V/2.1A x 2
DC Output: 19V/2A x 2
Dimensions: 10 x 5.6 x 7.1" (255 x 142 x 180mm)
Weight: 7.1lbs (3.22kg)

Manufacturer Mailing Address
POWAY, CA 92064
Additional Manufacturer Contact Info
Web Site:
Phone: 858-748-6948

SKU Number: HRC44525
Price: $214.99 

Hitec X4 Micro AC/DC 1 Cell LiPo Charger - Product Image

Hitec X4 Micro AC/DC 1 Cell LiPo Charger

Looking for a dependable portable charger for all your micro flyers? Look no further. Hitec has done it again with our latest, the X4 Micro Charger. This affordable charger features a built-in AC/DC power supply and four independent charge ports, each with the four most common battery connectors to cover all your needs. The individual LED displays show current, capacity and charge status, keeping you informed. This recent addition to our impressive charger line fits the bill without taking too many from your wallet. Backed by Hitec, the X4 Micro may be compact, but it is big on performance.

AC/DC Dual Power Input

Four Independent Charge Ports

Each Port Features Four Popular Battery Connectors and an Independent LED Display

Audible Alarm Indicating Process Termination

Adjustable Charge Current: 0.1~1 amp

Comprehensive Safety Features Including Short Circuit, Over Current, Battery Reverse Polarity and DC Input Voltage Protection

Sorry, Hitec factory back order, out of stock


SKU Number: HRC44212
Price: $49.99 

Hitec X4 Plus AC/DC Multi Charger - Product Image

Hitec X4 Plus AC/DC Multi Charger

Functions on both 12V DC and with provided AC cord. Features four identical and independent 50-watt power outputs, for a total output power of 200 watts. Each output can handle up to 15 NiCd/NiMH cells or a 6S Lithium pack simultaneously. Four individual balancing ports eliminate the need for a separate balancer when charging Lithium batteries. Equipped with a twin fan cooling system which has an internal sensor for controlling fan speed, our charger is both efficient and safe. Charge your batteries and take charge of your hobby.

The Hitec X4 charger offers a complete charging solution for novice and expert RC enthusiasts alike. The multi-tasking versatility of this new charger makes it a perfect fit for nitro and electric modelers, regardless of what you drive, hover, float or fly.

Charging Specifications:
Number of cells Nicad/NiMH: 1-15
Number of cells Lipo/Life/Lion: 1-15
Number of cells PB: 10
Watts per channel: 50 (200 watts total)
Max discharge watts: 5

Includes several misc charge cords, 1 XH balance board & 1 TP balance board & detachable gators for banana power input leads. Additional cords not included are listed below in drop downs.


SKU Number: HRC44167
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