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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
 Flite Test visits Radical RC 
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Du-Bro Kwik Hinge Slotting Tool Kit

Du-Bro Kwik Hinge Slotting Tool Kit

Du-Bro Hinge Slotter Kit takes the hassle out of slotting control surfaces for gluing hinges. The centering/parallel guide centered hinge slotter on up to 3/4" material. Four handle set plus guide and centering tool for three different size slotting forks: mini, standard and heavy duty hinges. Designed to work with all Du-Bro hinges. The 3 slotters and the "picker" are permanently mounted to red nylon handles. Packaged in reusable, recyclable clam shell storage blister.
SKU Number: DUB660
Price: $15.25 

Du-Bro Kwik-Hinge Slotter

Du-Bro Kwik-Hinge Slotter

Slotter guide and cutter/picker tools for your own hobby knife handle. Although handles are shown in the Du-Bro factory photo, only but blades and alignment jigs are included in this item.
SKU Number: DUB216
Price: $5.56 

Robart Hinge Point Drill Jig

Robart Hinge Point Drill Jig

Handy drilling jig insures a center drilled hole for Robart Hinge Points. Simple thread-in drill bushing for 1/8" and 3/16" included.
SKU Number: ROB319
Price: $9.99 



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