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Special Shipping Note: Packages over 1 cubic foot in volume going to destinations beyond USPS Zone 4 will be shipped by UPS Ground or rarely Parcel Post, regardless of shipping method chosen or paid for. USPS charges a "Balloon Rate" turkey charge (same rate as 20lbs) for large light weight packages. A Slow Stick kit to California by Priority Mail cost about $30 to ship. This policy only applies to orders containing larger kits, ARF's, radio systems, larger power supplies and similar bulky boxes 1 cubic foot or larger.
Doc Brown's 70 Amp 12V Power Supply

Doc Brown's 70 Amp 12V Power Supply

Banana socket box and rubber feet included. Each one Doc builds could look a little different depending on hour and day of assembly. All will be equipped with double standard 4mm banana inputs or better. Made from re-manufactured and new components. Tested in our shop under load prior to shipping. Doc says if he has time, he can configure the outputs differently if you like. 30 day guarantee by Doc included.

Special Notes for the HAM hobby:Radical Workbench Blog Post.

Note: Power supplies take standard PC type power cords. Most people have 3 or 4 in a drawer somewhere just waiting to be recycled to a good use. This is an excellent place to employ one of the extra cords you've been saving. If you need one, please choose in the drop down below. The 18 gauge cord is light duty and should not be used if you'll be taxing this power supply above 20 amps. The 14 AWG cord is a heavy duty server grade cord and will run cool as a cucumber even when you've got this unit maxed out. Both are 6 feet long.
SKU Number: RRCDB70

Price: $69.00 
Cord Choice 

Refurbished Samlex SEC-1223 23 Amp 12V Power Supply

Refurbished Samlex SEC-1223 23 Amp 12V Power Supply

23 amp continuous duty switching power supply with 25 amps peak output. Switching power supplies are light weight and more efficient. Suitable for most bench power supply applications and general purpose applications. Use to power almost any fast charger.

The SEC1223 should handle these examples well, 9 Lipo's (30 cells) at 6 amps, 5 Lipo's (16 cells) at 11 amps, 3 Lipo's (10 cells) at 20 amps. Also, any pack under sub C size at any rate and cell count you want. Remember, the charger has overhead which means it draws a little more than 4 amps when charging 10 cells at 4 amps. Great power supply for nearly any application.

Input Voltage: 110-120V AC
Output Voltage: 13.8V +/-.05V
Size: 5"x9.8"x10"
Weight 12.2lbs.

Refurbished power supply. Fully tested in house. Radical RC 30 Day Warranty from purchase date.

SKU Number: SAMSEC1223R
Price: $99.99 

GWS 15V DC power supply for C3-LP Charger

GWS 15V DC power supply for C3-LP Charger

Made with barrell connector ready to go for the GWS C3-LP Charger. Plug into your 110V wall outlet and then plug power cord into your charger. Now you can leave the battery behind. Also a usefull power supply for many other chargers intended to run on 12V. Understand a running car 12V system is often about 14.5V so most other chargers made for typical 12V inputs will accept 15V just fine.
SKU Number: GWCHG006
Price: $9.50 

Stackable Banana Plugs Pair

Stackable Banana Plugs Pair

Stackable banana plugs. Can be plugged into each other allowing multiple items to be connected simultaneously to your field box or power supply. Multiple useage, heavy duty. Priced per pair, one red-positive and one black-negative. Really come in handy installed on your gear.
Price: $3.00 


Ace 12V DC Adapter for DDVC Charger

Ace Adapter cord to allow DDVC to be plugged into your auto/RV/Power Supply 12V cigaretter lighter plug. Also useful for your other projects requiring modest currents. Same plug used on the Digipulse and Alpha 4 chargers for power input.
SKU Number: ACE2001--8
Price: $7.00 

Heavy Duty Power Supply Cord 14awg

Heavy Duty Power Supply Cord 14awg

Heavy Duty IEC-C13 Power Cord fits many power supplies including our DB 32/47/94 series above. A requirement when the power supply is feeding a charger working on multiple 6 cell or 8 to 12 cell packs at very high rates.
SKU Number: RRC110IEC14G
Price: $7.00 


Standard Duty Power Supply Cord 18awg

Standard Duty IEC-C13 Power Cord fits many power supplies including our DB 32/47/94 series above. Use this lighter weight cord when your demands from the power supply are under 30 amps DC.
SKU Number: RRC110IEC18G
Price: $4.00 

Hitec ePowerBox 17Amp Power Supply

Hitec ePowerBox 17Amp Power Supply

This extremely efficient power supply converts 100~240 AC volts into 17 amps of continuous 13.8 volt DC power, making it compatible with a wide variety of DC chargers.

Available as an individual unit or as a cohesive, innovative combination with the X1 Pro DC/DC Multicharger.


Input Voltage Range: 100~240 Volts AC

AC Input Voltage Frequency: 50~60Hz

Output Voltage: 13.8 Volts DC +- 0.2V

Current Overload Protection: 17.5A 500ms Input Current Protection: 5A Fuse

Output Voltage Ripple:

USB Output Voltage/Current: 5V / 2.1A

Power Efficiency: 91%

Power Factor: >0.98

Temperature Protection Cutoff: 65?

Cooling Method: Temperature Controlled Fan

Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.6 x 2.0 in.

Net Weight: 21 oz.




SKU Number: HRC44216
Price: $49.99 
Cord Choice 
Quantity Available:  2



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