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Remember, good consistent and accurate ground testing of your airborne packs requires a "loaded voltmeter". Open (or unloaded resting) voltages can fool you into thinking a battery is OK to fly again when it is not. Thus the reason RC hobby meters have load capability.

Note, you'll find other voltage measuring devices intended for use on your aircraft in: Onboard Electronics-Voltage Monitors

RRC Digital Onboard Voltmeter 3.5-30VDC - Product Image

RRC Digital Onboard Voltmeter 3.5-30VDC

Onboard Digital Voltmeter. Connect to unused servo output on receiver. Monitor realtime battery voltage. Easily mounted in cockpit or panel mount anywhere on your plane. Two decimal readout.

Minimum Voltage: 3.5VDC
Maximum Voltage Input: 30VDC
Current Draw: 30mAh
Size: 30mm Long x 12mm Wide x 8.5 Deep
Cutout size: 24mm x 12mm
Mounting Holes: 26mm Center to Center (2mm hole)
Power Supply: Measuring Power Source
Weight: 4g 



Price: $29.00 

Hitec LiPo Checker - Product Image

Hitec LiPo Checker

Shows individual cell voltage. Works with almost any connector. Adapter for TP type included. Reads out voltage of up to 6 cells. Gives fuel gauge to let you kinow if pack is empty-mid- or full. Has self balancing feature with up to 50mah balancing current. Weighs only 2 grams. Fits easily in pocket or field box.
SKU Number: HRC44173
Price: $19.99 



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