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GWS T6 Texan ARF w/Brushless Motor, Yellow & Red - Product Image
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GWS T6 Texan ARF w/Brushless Motor, Yellow & Red

True Classic Trainer of All Time. Decorative Water-slide Decals

Easy to Build & Endless Fun to Fly

Wing Span: F1000 mm (39.4 in.)
Wing Area: F16.7 dm2 (258.8sq. in.)
Wing Loading: F29.1~35.5g/ dm2
Flying Weight: F500~610g (17.6~21.5 oz.)

Speed Controller: FGWESC25AICS400
Motor: FBL2215/BL2212/EPS350C-CS/EPS2028-BS

Propeller: FEP9050/EP1080
Battery: F11.1V 1.5AH Li-PO
Length: F26mm (28.6 in.)
Radio Required: F4 Channels or Above

SKU Number: GWAEO026N

Price: $98.00 

Sky Hero - Product Image
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Sky Hero

High wing sport 40 size glow model from GWS. The Sky Hero is designed with a semi-symmetrical airfoil for the sport lover yet retains plenty of wing area keeping it suitable for a first trainer. I actually own and fly one of these as an electric model as it makes a good conversion project. Learn more about this model in RadicalCast #007.

Specifications GWS:
Length: 1380 mm (54 in)
Wing Span: 1530 mm (60 in)
Wing Area: 49 sq dm (760
Flying Weight: 2500g (88 oz)
Wing Loading: 51 g/sq dm
Recommended Engine: .30 to .50 2 Cycle
Recommended Prop Range: 9x6 to 11x7
Radio Required: 4 Channel, 4 Servos

Notes about setups:
#1 is a setup I designed to prove out an exceptionally low voltage system that would actually work well in a 40 size model. It's well balanced and performs much like this model would with an OS .40FP. I consider it one of my highest technical accomplishments. Low voltage is an often repeated mistake. This was my attempt at making the typical "mistake" a sucess. If you like trainer aerobatics and flying on the wing, perhaps you'll enjoy this setup as much as I do.

Setup #3 is an alternate way that I fly this model. More peppy, more aggressive performance for a motor so small. It really optimizes a motor normally considered too small for a 40 size glow conversion.

Electric Setup and Performance Chart
Power Pack #Motor# CellsPropAmpsWatts In / WPPRPMThrust oz.Pitch Speed MPHBest Climb FPM @ AngleBest Climb AngleEst. Top Speed
Pack #1 Himax 3522-9903 A123 9.9v11x731298 / 527,7504750816 @ 222943
Pack #2Himax 3522-9903 Lipo 11.1v11x738.4432 / 748,69061561300 @ 324649
Pack #3Himax 3522-9904 A123 13.2v11x747.7611 / 979,74078631557 @ 355255
Pack #4Himax 3522-9904 Lipo 14.8v11x757.6*864 / 13510,74096692409 @ 549060
Pack #5Himax 3522-9905 Lipo 18.5v10x443.9823 / 14115,11094542099 @ 509056
Pack #6Himax 3522-9906 Lipo 22.2v9x443.4977 / 16818,540102672381 @ 539061
Pack #7Himax 3528-10004 Lipo 14.8v10x644.1662 / 11212,13081672897 @ 427056
Pack #8Himax 3528-08006 Lipo 22.2v10x436.5821 / 14515,34096552146 @ 509057
Pack #9Himax 3528-8005 Lipo 18.5v11x647.8896 / 14611,810106652591 @ 609061

*Over burst limit (54A) slightly, n 11-6 (52.6A) or 10-8 (50.8A) would be easier on the motor.

Estimates based on manufacturers provided constants using E-Calc. High Quality 2200-3300mah used as trial cell in calculations. Presumed model weight of 82oz. @3 cells A124 4600 (added oz for higher cell counts). Actual performance may vary depending on components used, accuracy of data as provided by manufacturer, quality of battery, ESC, and many other factors.

This kit is only shipped by Parcel Post to locations outside of zone 4 from our shop regardless of shipping method choosen.

Price: $99.00 

GWS Win Wind 30 - Product Image
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GWS Win Wind 30

Great ARF Aerobatic ship!

Few people are aware that GWS also has larger ARF Models. This particular ARF is a very nice flying sport model. It reminds me of a Sig Kavalier which was one of my very favorites. I opened one of these for myself and fly it on floats! Get a fun airplane here.

Model is reasonably light weigth making it a good one to consider for conversion to electric. My suggestions are (based on E-Calc and experience with these motors):
GWS/BLM006, 3S 3000 Lipo, 11-7 Prop, T-Bird 54 ESC
Performance @70oz, 1491 FPM rate of Climb,39.9 amps,8450 RPM,54mph pitch speed,57oz static thrust, 449 watts.

Hot Sport:
GWS/BLM007, 4S 3000 Lipo, 12-6 prop, T-Brid 54 ESC
Performance @ 74oz, 2497 FPM Climb,54.5 amps, 9,600 RPM 53mph pitch speed, 90oz static thrust, 818 watts.

Wing span 52"
Wing area 527 sq. in.
Center of Gravity 6 7/8" (rearmost) to 7.25" from trailing edge. Length 46"
Weight 67 oz.
Engine .30-.40 2 stroke.
This is an ARF-almost ready to fly- model. You need to add your radio system and engine.
Minor assembly of precovered components required to go from box to flight ready.

Price: $99.00 

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