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Note, these ASP engine parts are New Old Stock. While supplies last! I don't have any charts or parts lists or anything other than the info you see here. All sales final here. This is a TIL IT's GONE Category. As the last of each item is sold the listing will be deleted.

Click on Sub Category by brand to find your parts from our available inventory.

ASP / LEO / Tigershark Thunder Tiger



ASP 46 Rear Cover

Rear Cover/Backplate new old stock in package.
SKU Number: 46601
Price: $3.00 


ASP 40/46A Idle Stop Screw & Spring

1 idle stop adjustment screw and spring.
SKU Number: 40764
Price: $1.00 


ASP Idle Needle

Idle Needle Valve new old stock in package. Written on package is 61-108 which I presume is the engine range this fits.
SKU Number: ASP6125
Price: $3.00 


ASP Idle Needle 40/46A

Idle Needle Valve new old stock in package.
SKU Number: 40757
Price: $2.50 


LEO 46 High Speed Needle Valve Only 46 LAST ONE!

High Speed Needle Valve Only. New old stock in package. Written on package is Leo .46. An ASP Needle screws right into a Leo needle valve boss I have. I believe Leo, Tigershark and ASP parts are the same, you be the judge.
SKU Number: L46NV
Price: $2.00 
Quantity Available:  1


Tiger Shark 40/46 Idle Needle

Not sure how this works or adjusts, it definately had an idle needle looking shaft on it. Pressed into a brass fitting with O-ring on big diameter and male threads.
SKU Number: 40028
Price: $1.50 


LEO Mixture Control Valve

I'm not 100% certain what this part is, it's brass, has an o-ring, I'm guessing it's contains the needle seat by looking at it and is probably the brass part if any in a rotating barrel. Probably fits a wide range of displacements in this engine family. I believe Leo, Tigershark and ASP parts are the same, you be the judge. Part number given and part name are written on package in pen.
SKU Number: 20671
Price: $1.00 


Tiger Shark 40/46 Carb Barrel Screw set

Barrel Screw Set. Parts packages look same as ASP in artwork, style, font and similar looking part numbers. Came to me in same box, I'm pretty sure Leo, ASP, TigerShark and some others are all the same.
SKU Number: 40032
Price: $1.25 



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