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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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Pushrod Clevis/Keepers/Etc - Choose your pushrod wire size.
.032/ 1mm (.039)/ .047/ 1.5mm (.055)/ 2mm/ 2-56 (.062-.072)/ 4-40
Micro EZ-A-Just Rod End Connectors up to .032 wire.

Micro EZ-A-Just Rod End Connectors up to .032 wire.

Micro EZ-A-Just Rod End Connectors. Super light weight = 0.9g/0.03oz. Pair, two barrels, washers, nuts and set screws. Allen wrench included. Perfect for light weight indoor or park flyers! Bolts to servo horn, allows easy adjustment of push rod length. Perfect for 1mm or 1/32 music wire push rods that are so common on 3D foamys and nearly all park fliers. Stud to mount to control horn is 1.7mm (.067") x 4.25mm (.167") long.



Du-Bro Micro E/Z Link .032 wire, 4 Pack

Du-Bro Micro E/Z Link .032 wire, 4 Pack

New Du-Bro Micro E/Z Link. Snap fit on .032 wire. Super lightweight design. Ideal for indoor and park flyers! 4/pkg. This is the most common size pushrod wire used on indoor through park flyers.


SKU Number: DUB849
Price: $2.19 

Radical RC Flexi-Keepers .032" Wire L Bends 8 Pack

Radical RC Flexi-Keepers .032" Wire L Bends 8 Pack

Handy set of 8 black nylon keepers. Fits 1/32" push rod wire most commonly used in park fliers and foamys. Black nylon material. Simply bend the end of your pushrod into an "L". Put the L through the servo or control horn. Bend the hand back and clip onto the rod. Simple use, removes and instals quickly. Keeps your push rods from slipping out of the control horns. Light weight, simple and they work great!

Photo shows "Flexi-Keeper" hooked to end of push rod and a control horn.

Control horn & wire are not included in set.

Price: $2.00 
Volume Discounts 

Dubro Micro Clevis & Rod End .032

Dubro Micro Clevis & Rod End .032

Solder rod end to .032 music wire, clevis threads on threaded portion of shaft allowing adjustment. Metal L retaining pin included. 2 complete sets.
SKU Number: DUB917
Price: $4.65 

Micro Clevis Replacement Pins

Micro Clevis Replacement Pins

Replace lost pins from Dubro 917 & 921 Micro Clevis.




SKU Number: DUB918
Price: $2.05 

Du-Bro Micro Aileron System #850 (for .032) 2/pkg.

Du-Bro Micro Aileron System #850 (for .032) 2/pkg.

Du-Bro Micro Aileron System designed for indoor and park flyer aircraft. Complete with Micro E/Z Link (2), Micro E/Z Connector (2), 1/32 (.032) push rods (2), .032 torque rods. Instruction sheet included.

Traditional aileron torque rod setup for your smaller park fliers and indoor models. Use one servo to drive two ailerons. Complete hardware included.



SKU Number: DUB850
Price: $8.56 



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