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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
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RRC 1.7 mm Pushrod Threaded One End

RRC 1.7 mm Pushrod Threaded One End

300mm long (12"). Fits 1.7mm clevis's. Thread is metric.
SKU Number: RRCPR17M300
Price: $1.00 

Antenna Housing Tube 36 Inch

Antenna Housing Tube 36 Inch

36" (0.914M) ANTENNA HOUSING Handy plastic tube. Great way to get a plastic tube for custom push-rod or bearing purposes. Normally used to safely route an aircraft frequency antenna through a fuse. Use this also to route music wire push-rod, cable or any other creative purpose you have in mind.

Just like 12" sections above except longer and natural semi-transparent clear/white color. Tube only, no cap or other hardware with this item. Photo shows a quantity of tubes. This item is shipped as 1 tube. We don't make you buy the whole package of 18. A single plastic tube from a Dubro 511 package will be shipped per item ordered.

Rod Stock Policy does not apply to this item because it can be shipped rolled. If ordered with other rod stock items (minimum 6 pieces of long rod like items) it will be shipped straight.


  • Works great for airplanes, cars, boats, and helicopters.
  • Priced per piece, sold 24/tube increments only.
  • Dimensions: 0.074" (1.88 mm) ID .134" (3.4 mm) OD
  • Made in USA

SKU Number: DUB511
Price: $1.77 



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