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Sig Complete Glass System

Sig Complete Glass System

If you have never done any fiberglass work, you'll find this convenient starter's package will answer a lot of questions. Included in the Glass Kit is everything you will need to learn the basics of reinforcing models with fiberglass and making small fiberglass parts.

The Kit Contains everything needed to start right away:
8 oz. can of fiberglass resin
1/2 oz. bottle of resin hardener
38" x 36" regular weight glass cloth
Directions for use
Mixing sticks
Mixing cups
1 oz. can of release agent
(Note: Sig still lists this item including 8 ounces of resin. We have noticed 16 ounce cans in the box's lately. They do not seem to carry 8 ounce cans of resin anymore. There is no guarantee you'll get 16 ounces. We're sticking with the factory description just in case. Probably they've forgotten to edit it.)


1 Available

SKU Number: SIGGK001
Price: $34.29 
Quantity Available:  1

Glass Resin Hardner 1 oz.

Glass Resin Hardner 1 oz.

The catalyst for Sig Polyester Glass Resin and Finishing Resin. These resins will not cure unless Resin Hardener is added! Follow mixing directions on resin can.

1 oz. bottle of hardener will catalyze up to 1 quart of resin.



SKU Number: SIGGC002

Sig Polyester Glass Resin 16oz.

Sig Polyester Glass Resin 16oz.

This is a general purpose polyester resin for applying fiberglass cloth or for sealing balsa wood. Glass Resin is a perfect match with Sig Glass Cloth for molding your own cowlings, wheel pants, fuselage shells, boat hulls, and many other items.

Glass Resin must be chemically activated with "hardener" in order to cure. It absolutely will not cure unless hardener is added! Because the amount of hardener required can vary slightly depending on the curing time desired, we feel it is a better value for you to buy the resin and hardener separately. Sig Resin Hardener is PN# SIGGC002 and must be purchased separately.

Note: Glass Resin has a limited shelf life of 2 to 3 years, and should be used promptly. Please do not order more than you can use within that time. Store in a cool place, excessive heat will shorten shelf life.




SKU Number: SIGGR002
Price: $14.59 
Quantity Available:  1



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